The world's first C2C® Certified Biodynamic Lighting system

C2C® delivers highest quality

The LAVIGO free-standing luminaire from Waldmann was developed as the world’s first office luminaire to be awarded the internationally valid Cradle to Cradle® certificate, and it embodies this comprehensive sustainability concept. To satisfy requirements, all the materials used were identified. They were then assessed in respect of their toxicological and recycling-compliant properties and, in some respects, further improvements were then made. In addition, this certification process called for evidence of the energy balance to be provided, together with the required volume and quality of water. Other requirements included compliance with social criteria.

The importance of Biodynamic lighting

The innovative light management system has been developed in close cooperation with Prof. Dr. med. Dipl. Ing. Herbert Plischke, professor for light and health at the University of Munich, Faculty for Applied Sciences and Mechatronics. A biologically effective luminaire equipped with VTL(Visual Timing Light) changes brightness and light colour, while adapting itself to natural daylight. The greatest effect is achieved by biodynamic light (Human Centric Lighting) if it is incident on the eye from an extensive light source (indirect lighting) and under the right angle of incidence (from the front and from above).

VTL (Visual Timing Light) ensures motivating light in the office. Throughout the day. The innovative light management system brings the dynamics of natural daylight to the interior of the building and expands the emotional and ergonomic aspects of light quality. Biodynamic light (Human Centric Lighting) can provide lasting well-being of the employees at the workplace especially in offices with insufficient daylight and also during the winter months when the internal clock is barely synchronised with daylight.