How is your Satino Black hygiene paper made?

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Stylish Environmentally Friendly Washroom, Toilet & Bathroom Solutions

The Satino Black range of Washroom, Toilet & Bathroom Solutions are the worlds first 100% Cradle to Cradle Certified systems that are truly saving the planet, one hand towel at a time. 

With the full Washroom Solutions you recieve your Toilet Roll Dispenser, Hand Towel Dispenser and/or your Air Freshener & Dispenser free, yes FREE for a 5 year period & you are guaranteed fresh hygienic refills every week or month as you chose, for 5 years, AMAZING!

When you commit to REALLY being thoughtful of hygiene and the environmental impacts this has, Satino Black has the common sense and innovation to align your company, home, office or factory with the best & most stylish solutions on the market.

Highest Quality Guaranteed

Satino Black hygienic paper is of the highest quality and uber eco-friendly. We continually hear from satisfied users that the quality is guaranteed and consistent and it is evident that a large number of international environmental labels also agree on this fact. 

So Satino Black is the only hygienic paper in the world to attain Cradle to Cradle┬« Silver Certification because it is made from 100% environmentally & human safe substances. The CO2 neutral production uses ONLY green energy. 

The FSC recycled label guarantees 100% deployment of waste paper as raw material and the EU Eco-label recognises the truly sustainable production. 

*Cradle to Cradle® is a Registered trademark of McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry and is used with Permission.