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I read Cradle to Cradle® - Remaking the way we make things" in 2007, after Paul gave me a copy of the book. The content and message made a significant, positive impact on my conscious awareness of the state of our planet, in terms of ecology, economy & equity.

I am constantly inspired by the simple common sense, enthusiasm & natural evolution of the practicality that the Cradle to Cradle® principles offer and incorporate the ideas into my own life. 

Paul and I went to MBDC in Charlottesville USA, October 2014 to do the deep dive Cradle to Cradle® Design Affiliate Training with Howie Fendley, Ken Alston, Jay Bolus and team. 

I now enjoy working diligently and with purpose, helping companies and organisations to embed and implement the Cradle to Cradle® design principles in the most effective, strategic and holistic way, across all industry sectors. 

Environmental Consultant and Project Director

Senior Chemist and Circular Economy Specialist

Howie Fendley has 18 years of sustainability consulting experience in many markets including personal care products, fashion and textiles, interior and exterior building products, formulated products, and raw materials.

Beginning in 2001, Howie worked for William McDonough as part of the MBDC team. As Project Director and Sr. Chemist, Howie was in charge of assessing materials and manufacturing processes for their human and ecological health characteristics in addition to the energy, water, and social fairness requirements for the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Program for products.

Howie also has experience presenting (live and digitally), the Cradle to Cradle® and Circular Economy concepts to audiences of up to 500 people.

As founder of Fendley Sustainability Advisors, Howie is committed to supporting and promoting a safe and circular economy though key collaborations and partnerships. 

2020 marks the exciting beginning of a partnership between FSA and Cradle to Circular Design Consultancy, a highly skilled team of professionals dedicated to providing Cradle to Cradle® sustainability solutions.

This partnership provides a strong team with expertise in material chemistry and toxicity, sustainable product design, and circular economy strategy.

I have been dreaming of my part of the Cradle to Cradle® world jigsaw puzzle ever since finishing my Masters degree in 2009. For many years I have been encouraging people to read and explore how Cradle to Cradle® works in their own spheres of knowledge and influence. 

During my studies and Cradle to Cradle® workshops I have personally engaged a diverse range of interested and sometimes bemused people, and can now personally account for getting over two hundred copies of the book Cradle to Cradle® into circulation. This meant lots and lots of seeds planted, so NOW is my time to start nurturing and growing some of these seeds to see what blossoms in this emerging new story .... A crucial new story that we will look back on as part of a our evolution to a world that works for all for all time.

With Cradle to Cradle® Design Consultancy, I help create a spiral of true prosperity for all. Prosperity of culture, Prosperity of diversity, Prosperity of ecology, using the sale of Cradle to Cradle Certified™ goods as an engine of change and with your help we will little by little build a better world for us all.

Paul runs the online Cradle to Cradle Marketplace providing access to Cradle to Cradle Certified™ products.

Cradle to Cradle® Enthusiast and MBDC Affiliate



Circular Economy Specialist and C2C® Expert

Ken has been with us on our journey right from our humble beginnings back in 2014, where we sat with him and the fantastic team at MBDC headquarters in Charlottesville, embedding the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ V 3.0 Standard in to our everyday sustainability efforts, to become MBDC Affiliates.

Ken's expert knowledge and experience in both the fields of Cradle to Cradle® Design and the Circular Economy are world renowned and it is a natural step for us to partner and combine our efforts to encourage government organisations, businesses and SME's to adopt and implement Circular Economy and Cradle to Cradle® strategies.

Ken now runs the ever growing and successful Circularity Edge LLC.